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Artist: Jahnalogs
Genre: Reggae
Song: Colourful thoughts ft. Arsinoi
Album: Horns of liberty
Released year: 2020
Produced, recorded and mixed at: Irie Area music studio, Thessaloniki (GR)
Mastering by: Pressure Mastering
Artwork by: Melina Mika

Jahnalogs media:
– Youtube: Jahnalogs music
– Facebook:
– Instagram:…

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The only thing them can’t control
are the colourful thoughts yeeh-eh
the mother earth kinda upset
the only thing you can do is ya
keep going on your own
keep walking on her lands yeh
and you believe in love
and you believe in yourself
walking and growing your heart fields
when you’re hyped are your angels around?
walking and growing your heart fields
when you are hyped are your angels around?
(energy is tha benzin)
the only thing them can’t control
are the colourful thoughts

Mi keep on painting thoughts when I live in grey scale
like earthen growing and blaze a trail
mi nah waitin’ happy end in fairy tale
nah space fi di evil in brain
crossing di soul rain board on mi soul train
searching fi wisdom keepin’ mi mind trained
no disappointed if not expected
tings from di people wit nah respect
and keep it burnin’ but never underestimate flame
when spreadin’ and flow like a stream
love is painted in di colours of spring
can you really feel my dream?

The only thing them can’t control
are the colourful thoughts
(energy is tha benzin)

I praise you Jah ya gave me eyes so I can see di mighty sun
when I am gettin’ dark it always light me up again
you gave me two strong legs when I felt the need to run
you teached me use mi brain to solve mi problems not a gun
you seh mi bwoy mi little son behave like a righteous man
inna dis life you are di only one no much to shun
some people gonna run away and others gonna won
protect your kingdom from infidelity of babylon
sometimes my thoughts are not so colourful dem burn me like a fyah
affected by the news of television only liar
use us like a component and when we got retire
will be my sons turn to hire (higher)

The only thing them can’t control
are the colourful thoughts

The only thing them can’t control
the only thing …
keep walkin’ …
walking and growing your heart fields
walking and grow …