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The Madison Forum was very pleased to have Surrea Ivy speak at our Madison Forum Luncheon Meeting, Saturday, Nov. 27th at the “Semper FI Bar & Grille in Woodstock, GA.

Surrea Ivy spoke about how “The Great Divide: Where to go from here?”

Georgia native, Surrea first entered politics when she was the 1st African American to win the VFW Voice of Democracy Award. She went on to become one of the youngest political commentators for WNEG/WRAF Radio. She fell in love with conservative grassroots movement and committed her Republican life to voter drives and door knocking.

During the 2016 Elections, a charismatic patriotic American, by the name of Donald Trump took center stage and lit a fire in her to become a part of the machine known as the Republican Party. In 2018, she set out on a crusade to ignite the voice of the people to put America first and make it great again. She became the 1st Vice Chair of the Gwinnett GOP, where she led the largest conversion movement against BLM and liberals. She was a part of the Trump minority outreach. Seeing the disappointment of failed leadership to connect people with the party principles and our unwillingness to take swift action that yielded results after 2020, she, along with 4 others, set out to address the hurt in Redbone. Out of that effort, she was asked to run for chair.

Her 15 years of experience fixing Fortune 500 and 1000 companies in trouble, developing and cultivating talent, and taking definitive action married with her energetic, bold, and dynamic personality, makes her a threat to the Abram machine and a agent for healing to the party.

* Surrea Ivy: