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Dating is a form of social romance, especially in Western societies. It involves two people interacting socially in order to assess the mutual compatibility of one another to become an ideal partner in an intimate and romantic relationship in the future. It has become a crucial part of relationships between the majority of people, especially in Western societies that are mostly governed by the belief that marriage is the ultimate goal of interpersonal relations. Many people wouldn’t consider dating as something they should be involved in. The contemporary world is largely founded on the concept of individualism. That means that individuals value their personal reputations more than anything else that is a shift from the traditional or conventional times.

The majority of people believe that a relationship should last a certain duration, much like a marriage. However it isn’t always the case. Many relationships don’t seem to have an ending. These relationships can be casual, as in friendships or more serious like romantic relationships. One of the most crucial aspects to remember is that the end goal is the same, that is to meet the person who will be your love. An affair that lasts for for a prolonged period of time as the long-term commitment is typically considered to be a long term relationship because it includes more than two individuals who are looking for an intimate relationship.

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