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Dating is a stage of social romance, especially in Western societies. It is the act of two people who meet in a social setting in order to assess the compatibility of each other to become partners in a more intimate and romantic relationship in the future. Dating has become an essential part of relationships between many people, particularly in Western cultures, which are largely governed by the belief that marriage is the final objective of relationships. In fact, many people don’t see dating as something that should be involved in. The modern world is based on the concept of individualism. This means that, in contrast to the past, conventional or traditional eras the majority of people value their own reputations above anything else, which includes the relationship they have with others and their view of dating.

Most people believe that relationships should last for a certain amount of duration, much like marriage. However this isn’t always true. There are many relationships that do not seem to have an ending. They could be casual and friendships like ones, or they could be more complicated than romantic relationships. One of the most crucial aspects is that the objective is the same which is to meet the person who will be your love. A relationship that lasts for a long time that is a commitment that lasts for a long time is generally thought to be a long-lasting relationship. This is because it involves more people than two individuals who are seeking a romantic relationship.

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Driving on Motorway 1 (A1 / also known as PATHE – Autokinitodromos Patron – Athinon – Thessaloniks – Evzonon) through Athens, heading south. The journey start at Kifisia and ends at Peristeri.


0:00 – Start

0:10 – Joining Motorway 1

0:25 – Motorway 1 / Kifisia

3:04 – Metamorfosi

5:24 – Nea Filadelfeia

7:43 – Nea Chalkidona

9:00 – Kifisou avenue

9:24 – Peristeri


Mitsubishi Lancer 1.5L Invite (model of 2010)
Engine — 4A91
Power — 108 hp (81 kW; 109 PS) at 6000 rpm
Torque — 143 N·m (105 lb·ft) at 4000 rpm
EBC UPR rotors
Ferodo Premier pads
Dunlop Sport Maxx RT 225/55R16 tires



Video Specifications:

30 fps @ 1080p
FOV: 170°
Spot Meter: OFF


0:00 – Essence

3:48 – Essence (short Version)

5:57 – Rhastafarian

9:50 – 5 Cents Back

11:56 – Landra’s Dream

Music: Jason Shaw –