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Dating is a stage of social romantic interactions, particularly in Western societies. It involves two people who meet in a social setting in order to assess the mutual compatibility of one another to become the perfect partner in an intimate and romantic relationship in future. Dating has become a vital aspect of interpersonal relationships for most people especially in Western cultures that are largely governed by the belief that marriage is the final purpose of interpersonal relationships. Many people do not view dating as something to be engaged in. The modern society is largely built on individualism. That means that individuals value their individual reputations above all else and this is a change from the conventional or traditional times.

Many people think that a relationship should last for a specific amount of duration, much like marriage. However it isn’t always true. There are many relationships that don’t appear to end in a way. These relationships can be casual, like friendships or more serious as romantic ones. The important thing is that the end-goal is the same, which is that of finding the love of your life. An affair that lasts for for a long period of time like a long term commitment is usually regarded as a long-term relationship due to the fact that it includes more than two people seeking a romantic relationship.

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