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Dating is a stage of social romantic encounters, especially in Western societies. It involves two people meeting socially in order to assess their compatibility in order to be an ideal partner in an intimate and romantic relationship in future. For most people, it is an integral aspect of relationships between people particularly in Western societies in which marriage is the primary goal. A lot of people don’t think of dating as something they ought to be involved with. The contemporary world is largely founded on the concept of individualism. This means that people are more concerned with their own reputations above all else and is a radical departure from the conventional or traditional times.

The majority of people think that a relationship must last for a set amount of time just like a marriage, however this is not always the case. There are many relationships that don’t seem to end. These relationships could be casual and friendships like ones, or they could be more complicated than romantic relationships. One of the most crucial aspects to remember is that the goal is the same, which is to meet the person who will be your love. A relationship that lasts that is a long-term commitment is usually thought to be a long-lasting relationship. This is because it involves more people than two individuals who are looking for a romantic partnership.

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Η εντυπωσιακή 17χρονη Μαριάννα Στάτε χορεύει oriental στο Κάνε μου Like με την Αννίτα Πάνια, τη Σοφία Μουτίδου, τον Θάνο Καλλίρη και τον Νίκο Μουρατίδη (12/6/17)
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The impressive oriental dancer Marianna State in Greek TV show “Like Me”, with Annita Pania, Sofia Moutidou, Thanos Kalliris and Nikos Mouratidis (12/6/17)
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