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Dating is a stage of social romance, especially in Western societies. It is the act of two people interacting socially in order to assess their compatibility in order to be a partner in a more intimate and romantic relationship in the future. Dating has become an integral component of interpersonal relations for many people, particularly in Western societies that are mostly governed by the belief that marriage is the ultimate purpose of interpersonal relationships. Many people don’t see dating to be something that they should be involved in. The modern society is largely built on individualism. That means that individuals are more concerned with their own reputations above all else and this is a change from the traditional or conventional eras.

Many people think that a relationship must last for a specific amount of time like a marriage, however this is not always the situation. Many relationships do not seem to end. These relationships may be casual as friendships or they may be more complex as romantic relationships are. The most important thing is that the goal is the same, that is to meet the person who will be your love. A relationship that lasts a prolonged period of time as a long term commitment is generally considered to be a long term relationship because it involves more than two people seeking an intimate relationship.

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