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Dating is a phase of social romantic encounters practised especially in Western societies, where two people get together socially with the aim of evaluating the other’s compatibility as a potential partner for a more personal and romantic relationship in the near future. For most people, dating is an integral element of relationships with others particularly in Western societies in which marriage is the most important goal. In fact, many people don’t see dating as something to be engaged in. The modern world is based upon individualism. This means that, unlike the traditional or conventional eras, most people tend to consider their reputations more important than anything else, which includes their relationship with other people and their thought about dating.

A majority of people believe that a relationship must last for a set period of timeperiod, just like a marriage. However this isn’t always true. There are many relationships that don’t appear to have an end. These relationships could be casual, such as friendships, or more serious, as romantic ones. The most important thing to remember is that the objective is the same that is to meet the person who will be your love. A relationship that lasts a prolonged period of time as a commitment of a long duration is generally considered to be an ongoing relationship since it includes more than two individuals seeking an intimate relationship.

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