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Many of you asked for this.
And, no doubt, it’s one of our favourite songs we’ve ever created.
And it hurts a lot we are still not able to play it loud for you all.

Kassandra’s Gift is about how good friends and family are like a superpower. Theirs are the hands that will push us to greatness, and make a pillow for our heads to rest when we need to.

Enjoy and Happy Bandcamp Friday 😉

STAGES A/LIVE is a series of filmed live performances to support the independent Greek music scene. Learn more at

Directed by Christos Sarris
Produced by Onassis Stegi

I will cross these fields of nothing
Floating over grass and water
Eyes are fixed across the skyline
Meet the trembling light ahead

That leads the way
And makes the moments fall
Like dirt from open hands

Wishing you had friends like mine
That would fight the raging ocean
Just to keep my body floating
Give their lives so I can greet dawn

Shape the world around me like a river
I will jump over this edge to meet the
Trembling light of those who came before me
Nothing left of me to measure

Greetings to the ones that bore me
Lit the flame that gives me drive to
Shape the world around me like a
River eats the barren valleys

Written, composed and performed by Puta Volcano
Lyrics written by Alex Pi and Anna Papathanasiou

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