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Dating is a form of social romantic encounters , particularly in Western societies where two people meet in a social setting in the hope of considering the other’s compatibility as a potential partner in an intimate and romantic relationship in the near future. Dating has become an integral element of interpersonal relationships for most people especially in Western cultures, which are largely governed by the notion that marriage is the main objective of relationships. Many people don’t believe that dating as something they should be involved in. The modern world is based upon individualism. That means, unlike the traditional or conventional eras that the majority of people consider their reputations more important than all else which includes their relationships with other people and their thoughts about dating.

The majority of people believe that a relationship should last a certain timeperiod, just like marriage. However this isn’t always the case. There are many relationships that do not seem to have an end. They can be casual, like friendships or more serious like romantic relationships. The important thing here is that the goal is the same as that of finding the love of one’s life. A relationship that lasts a long time, like a commitment of a long duration is usually considered to be a long term relationship because it includes more than two individuals who are seeking an intimate relationship.

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From the 1976 album “Fogarty’s Cove”.

Rogers was noted for his rich, baritone voice and his finely-crafted, traditional-sounding songs which were frequently inspired by Canadian history and the daily lives of working people, especially those from the fishing villages of the Maritime provinces and, later, the farms of the Canadian prairies and Great Lakes. Rogers died in a fire aboard Air Canada Flight 797 on the ground at the Greater Cincinnati Airport at the age of 33.

We were drinking down to Ready’s house,
When first we heard the blow;
It seemed to come from Ripper Rock,
So boldly forth we go.
And sure enough a rusty tub,
Could just be barely seen;
As her stern was high up in the air,
We made out Athens Queen,
Oh, the lovely Athens Queen.

Me boys, I must remind you,
There’s a bottle left inside;
So let us go and have few,
And wait until low tide.
And if the sea’s not claimed her,
When the glasses are licked clean,
We will then set for some dories, lads,
And see what may be seen,
On the lovely Athens Queen.

Some songs and old tall stories then,
Came out to pass the time;
Nor could a single bottle,
Keep us all until low tide.
And so it was before we left
The house we were at sea;
So I scarcely can remember how
We made the Athens Queen,
Oh, the lovely Athens Queen.

Oh, the waves inside me belly,
Were as high as those outside;
And though I’m never seasick,
I lost dinner overside.
‘Twas well there was no crew to save,
For we’d have scared ’em green;
We could scarcely keep ourselves from falling
Off the Athens Queen,
Oh, the lovely Athens Queen.

Well, Ready goes straight down below,
And comes up with a cow;
“Hello”, I said, “what would you be
Wanting with that now?
You’ll never take a cow home,
In a dory in such seas.”
“Well, me son”, he says, “I’ve always fancied
Fresh cream in my tea,
‘Fore the lovely Athens Queen.”

I headed for the galley, then,
As I was rather dry;
And glad I was to get there quick,
For what should I espy?
Oh, what a shame it would have been,
For to lose it all at sea;
Forty cases of the best Napoleon
Brandy ever seen,
From the lovely Athens Queen.

I loaded twenty cases, boys,
Then headed for the shore;
Unloaded them as quick as that,
And then pulled back for more.
Smith was pulling for the shore,
But he scarcely could be seen;
Under near two hundred chickens,
And a leather couch of green,
From the lovely Athens Queen.

Well, here’s to all good salvagers,
Likewise to Ripper Rock;
And to Napoleon Brandy,
Of which now we have much stock.
We eat a lot of chicken,
And sit on a couch of green;
And we wait for Ripper Rock to claim,
Another Athens Queen,
Oh, the lovely Athens Queen.