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Dating is one of the social romantic encounters , particularly in Western societies in which two individuals meet socially with the intention of evaluating the other’s compatibility as a possible partner in an intimate and romantic relationship in the near future. For most people, dating is an integral aspect of relationships between people particularly in Western societies where marriage is the ultimate goal. In fact, many people would not consider dating as something to be involved in. The modern world is largely focused on individualism. That means, unlike the conventional or traditional times many people value their own reputations above all else which includes the relationship they have with others and their thoughts about dating.

Many people believe that a relationship should last for a certain period of time like a marriage, however this isn’t always case. There are many relationships that don’t seem to end. They could be casual, like friendships, or more complicated like romantic relationships. The important thing here is that the ultimate goal is the same as the goal of finding the love of your life. A relationship that lasts for a prolonged period of time as a long term commitment is generally considered to be an ongoing relationship since it involves more than two individuals seeking an intimate relationship.

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