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Dating is a stage of social romantic encounters practised especially in Western societies in which two people socialize with the intention of each looking at the other’s compatibility as a possible partner in an intimate and romantic relationship in the future. For most people, dating is an integral aspect of relationships between people, especially in Western societies where marriage is the main goal. In reality, many people do not view dating as something to be involved in. The current world is built around the idea of individualism. That means, in contrast to the conventional or traditional eras, most people tend to put their own image first of all else which includes the relationship they have with others and their view of dating.

Many people think that a relationship must last for a specific amount of time, just like a marriage, however this isn’t always case. There are a lot of relationships that don’t appear to have an end. These relationships could be casual, as in friendships, or more serious, like romantic relationships. The important thing here is that the end-goal is the same as the search for the love of one’s life. A long-lasting relationship, such as an ongoing commitment is generally thought of to be a relationship that lasts. This is because it involves more people than two individuals looking for a romantic connection.

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► Λάχανα και Χάχανα – Οι Μέρες Της Βδομάδας
Ερμηνευτής: Παντελής Θαλασσινός, Παιδική Χορωδία Σπύρου Λάμπρου
Μουσική: Τάσος Ιωαννίδης
Στίχοι: Παυλίνα Παμπούδη
Ενορχήστρωση: Κώστας Γανωσέλλης


Η καλή κυρα-Βδομάδα
βγάζει βόλτα στη λιακάδα
τα εφτά της τα παιδάκια
μες στου Χρόνου τα δρομάκια.

Πρώτη πάει η Δευτέρα
με στυλάκι και αέρα.

Πίσω προχωρά η Τρίτη
πηδηχτούλα σαν σπουργίτι.

Και ακολουθεί η Τετάρτη
πάντα έτοιμη για πάρτι.

Να κι η Πέμπτη στη σειρά της
με την αλογοουρά της.

Κι η Παρασκευή ναζιάρα
που κρατά και μια κιθάρα.

Και ξοπίσω το Σαββάτο
αταχτούλι και κεφάτο.

Τέλος, να κι η Κυριακή
μ’ ένα κόκκινο βρακί!

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