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Dating is a phase of social romantic interactions, which is a common practice in Western societies, where two individuals meet socially with the aim of considering the other’s compatibility as a potential partner for a more personal and romantic relationship in the near future. For most people, it is a crucial element of relationships with others particularly in Western societies in which marriage is the most important goal. In reality, a lot of people would not consider dating as something to be involved in. The contemporary world is largely founded on the concept of individualism. This means that people value their individual reputations above all else, which is a departure from the conventional or traditional eras.

Many people believe that a relationship should last a certain duration, much like marriage. However, this is not always true. There are many relationships that do not seem to end. They can be casual, as in friendships or more serious like romantic relationships. The most important thing is that the objective is the same that is to meet the person who will be your love. An affair that lasts for for a lengthy period of time like a commitment of a long duration is typically considered to be long-term because it includes more than two people who are seeking an intimate relationship.

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Σκηνοθεσία: Κωνσταντίνος Ρήγος

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Όταν θα μ’ αποχαιρετάς
στα μάτια να μην με κοιτάς
οι σκέψεις γίνονται βραχνάς
θυμός και με σκοτώνει.
Όμως να μην με φοβηθείς
είναι θυμός της προσμονής
στα μάτια μου να μην το δεις
φύγε να τελειώνει.

Δώσε ένα τέλος να αρμόζει
κάνε μια έξοδο μεγάλη
να σε χειροκροτήσουμε όλοι
τα πλήθη μάγεψε και πάλι.

Όταν θα φεύγεις από ‘δω
να μην το κάνεις τραγικό
κάν’ το σαν να ‘ναι κάτι απλό
κι ας θέλω να πεθάνω.
Φύγε και τίποτα μην πεις
είναι η ώρα της σιωπής
κρύβω τα λόγια της οργής
κι ας ξέρω πως σε χάνω.

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