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Dating is a phase of social romantic encounters practised especially in Western societies through which two people meet in a social setting with the intention of each evaluating the other’s compatibility as a potential partner in a more personal and romantic relationship in the near future. For most people, it is a crucial aspect of interpersonal relationships particularly in Western societies in which marriage is the ultimate goal. Many people don’t see dating as something to be involved in. The modern world is largely based upon individualism. That means, in contrast to the conventional or traditional times that the majority of people value their own reputations above everything else, which includes their relationship with other people and their thoughts about dating.

A majority of people believe that a relationship should last for a specific amount of timeperiod, just like the marriage. However it isn’t always true. There are a lot of relationships that don’t seem to be ending. These relationships may be casual, like friendships, or they could be more complicated like romantic relationships. The important thing here is that the end goal is the same as the search for the love of your life. A relationship that lasts like the long-term commitment, is generally considered to be a long-lasting relationship. This is because it involves more people than two individuals looking for a romantic connection.

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Your Facts about angels can only come from the holy bible, which is the foundation for all truth.

Do angels have wings?
Are angels always with us?
Are angels to be worshipped?
Do angels take human form?
Are there evil angels doing God’s bidding?
Do angels obey the commands of men?
Are angels watching us?
Will the angels will be there in the eternity watching us when Jesus Christ tells God the Father that we overcame?
Is there war in heaven between good and bad angels?
Do angels have their own food?
Do angels get married?
Do angels escort us to the next destination when our spirit separates from our flesh?
As far as hell is concerned, do you know who it was prepared for?
Does God sits with certain created heavenly beings around him?
So what exactly does the bible say a cherub looks like?
So what exactly does the bible say a seraphim looks like?
What is the main purpose of the seraphim and cheribums?
Another mighty angel which the bible doesn’t give a name to?

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