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Dating is a form of social romantic encounters practised especially in Western societies through which two individuals meet socially in the hope of looking at the other’s compatibility as a possible partner in an intimate and romantic relationship in the near future. For most people, it is a fundamental element of relationships with others, especially in Western cultures in which marriage is the most important goal. In reality, many people would not consider dating as something that should be engaged in. The current society is largely built around the idea of individualism. That means, unlike in the past, conventional or traditional eras that the majority of people value their own reputations above all else which includes their relationships with others and their thought about dating.

Many people believe that a relationship must last for a specific amount of time just like a marriage, however this is not always the case. There are many relationships that don’t seem to end. These relationships could be casual, as in friendships or more serious like romantic relationships. The important thing is that the goal is the same, which is the desire to find the love of your life. A relationship that lasts for a long time that is an ongoing commitment is usually thought to be a relationship that lasts. This is due to the fact that it involves more than two individuals who are looking for a romantic relationship.

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