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Dating is a stage of romantic social interactions, particularly in Western societies. It involves two people interacting socially to evaluate the compatibility of each other to become the perfect partner in an intimate and romantic relationship in future. For the majority of people, dating is an integral part of interpersonal relationships particularly in Western cultures where marriage is the primary goal. Many people wouldn’t consider dating as something that they ought to be involved with. The current society is largely founded on the concept of individualism. This means that, in contrast to the conventional or traditional times many people place their personal image above all else which includes their relationship with other people and their view of dating.

Many people believe that a relationship must last for a certain amount of time, just like an engagement, but this is not always the situation. There are a lot of relationships that do not seem to have a conclusion. These relationships can be casual, as in friendships or more serious as romantic ones. The key thing to remember is that the end-goal is the same which is the goal of finding the love of one’s life. A relationship that lasts a prolonged period of time as the long-term commitment is usually regarded as a long-term relationship due to the fact that it involves more than two people who are looking for an intimate relationship.

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Α΄ Φεστιβάλ Βυζαντινων χορωδιών, 1992 αίθουσα κινηματοθεάτρου “ΠΑΛΛΑΣ” των Αθηνών. Άλλες χορωδίες που έλαβαν μέρος των Γερ.Πρεβεζιάνου, Λυκ.Αγγελόπουλου, Χορωδία Κωνσταντινουπολιτών (χοράρχης Δημοσθένης Παϊκόπουλος).